Hashtag self love is probably one of the most popular hashtags on social media right now.
So many of us are resolving to make self love a priority in our lives.

Most of my newest clients are seeking to get back to self-love at all its finest.

What does self-love truly mean to you?

Some people have a warped way of looking at self love. Some think it\’s our basing fancy enviable items for self, some believe it\’s being carless and selfish and focused on only ones needs, and some believe it\’s travel to amazing destinations.

I know true self love comes from a nice little mix of discipline and mindfulness and that is inarguable.
And yes, you can purchase beautiful things with your hard-earned money, you deserve it. Travel to obscenely beautiful destinations as well, it\’s a treat especially if you have the travel bug. But my self love will look at your motivation for all these. Your attitude as you are experiencing all these things.

A great mix of these few things is the best way I could explain self love.

1. Kindness is self love
Kindness is the highest form of self love. And see why this is true is because you cannot practise true kindness to others until you have learned how to do that for yourself. So once you start from a place of kindness, keep moving from within to without.

2. Great self talk
I say that the voice you speak to yourself in is very important. Does it remind you of your worthiness, your importance, your greatness and your confidence? Speak well to yourself, intentionally and consistently.


3. Setting boundaries.
I talked about kindness and boundaries are the kindness that you yourself deserve. Boundaries are a great show of self-love because it\’s your mantra that speaks to your environment about your standards and limitations. It allows you to feel great even when you cannot meet other people\’s needs. It allows you to operate freely unrestricted by other people\’s baggage and settled to your own set system of performance and payment.

4. Meditation
I live in a flat ( a building that houses several homes in it) and I see how people operate especially how devalued mornings are. I seek to wake up slightly earlier than the rest of the household so I can get alone time. Me and my God. Me and my thoughts. This for me and scientifically and psychologically is great self love. See the world is extremely distracting and we need to first tune in to a source of center, peace and prosperity within before we walk into the distraction without.

5. Following your dreams
I know so many people already stuck in careers they aren\’t really passionate about. I know as well that following your dreams cannot always be walking out of a job. But self love will need you to do everything in your power to look at your life not worrying about the path untraveled. If you cannot do it instantly then even the thought of planning for your dreams is self love. Find a way to make arrangements to follow that dream. It\’s pure self love. Ignore the voices that silence your passion.

6. Sleep 


Make sure you have healthy sleeping patterns. How many people really pay attention to their sleep schedule. We stay on our devices until the last minute despite all the warnings by the Pros. A good sleeping pattern takes discipline. It may not be about how long you sleep but the quality of your sleep. How do you feel when you wake up. Your body will need that time to recharge, burn fat, heal and grow. That is self love.

7. Make time for things you enjoy.
However small or menial your enjoyment activity is, do it. I have friends who enjoy books in silence, it\’s therapeutic j encourage one to do it. It doesn\’t have to be something so excessively posh. My husband enjoys a few hours weekly to play Play Station. That is his unwind. And he loves it. And it is self love. Make those things you enjoy your compensation for all the discipline and intentionality. But make time for these things.

8. Diet and Intentional movement
Oooh I dislike diet culture … The idea that limiting nutrient into your body is a sign of good health. But eating good wholesome door is good for you. Not to punish your body into fitting into cute jeans. Learning to enjoy your body and cleansing and building it with beautiful building blocks. Move also, get your blood flowing. These two are just beautiful intentional steps.

9. Confidence
I talked about doing right by you and living your progress, rewarding yourself. Living timidly and being intimidated by people around you is not self love. It\’s not even humility. So take time to learn confidence ( click here) just like everything else it\’s a skill, a habit that is developed by study and recurrence.


10. Therapy and Self awareness

Know this, we each have pre-existing trauma, some behaviour that is hindering progress and growth into the next level. Therapy and self-awareness is a perfect way to target our trauma and fully recover to be the best version of ourselves in existence.




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