Breath In And Out! You are equipped for this Incredible Journey

The journey to having a baby is a long nine months. Nine months of a lot of uncertainty. You aren\’t sure if your body should be doing the things it\’s doing and there is this tiny human growing in you. Crazy right?
Each pregnancy is different too. So trust that first time pregnant and slightly experienced mommy to be will still have questions.
So much is shared about the after of you giving birth. But the nine months feels lonely. Some people will give you tips after tips about how to get through things and about the things you should be doing but this article is just to get you relaxed.

To get you to the finishing line, healthy and strong in your journey here\’s a few thoughts:

1. You are pregnant, not sick. Unless medically advised to take it easy …. Enjoy your pregnancy. It is tempting to act like the stereotypical preggo with no control of her body. Who can barely move her body. It is tempting because everyone caters to a pregnant woman. But if you can do it yourself just do it for yourself. As your pregnancy progresses there might be things you cannot do and that\’s okay but if consciously you know you are capable just stay capable.


2. Stop using your pregnancy as a clutch. Yes, your hormones are going to be all over the place but that\’s not an excuse to be moody and angry. Learn to be intentional with your thoughts and feelings shouldn\’t dicatate your day. Do your meditation and your outright affirmations to keep your energy high.

3. Be careful with your energy. Protect you and your baby by avoiding people and places that take away from your energy reserve. You and your baby are sharing your energy so you have to make sure you are feeding your soul and filling up your energy with positive and beautiful vibes.


4. Plan, but leave some room for the unexpected. It is going to be essential for you to be organised. You have to take advantage of estimated due dates to give you a time frame on when certain things should be done. But as well be sure that your estimated due date is just an estimate it could be earlier than you expect or much later. Just be prepared that you may not have a smooth journey. Some people plan for natural births then they need cesarean.

Some plan for an epidural and get too late to have an epidural. You could have planned for the perfect birth at the hospital and you give birth in a cab and that is a great welcome into parenting. If you are a first-time mom, prepare to be surprised constantly, parenting will not be some well-curated nap schedule and eating schedule it will be faulty sometimes and that is okay.


5. Your body is your friend treat it as such. When you need rest, take rest. When you need nutrients, feed it something healthy. When it asks for movement make sure you move move move!!!

6. Do your hip openers. I am saying from experience. You need to take your hip flexibility to levels. Take some yoga classes. Being very gentle with your body. If you have access to prenatal classes please attend and get as informed ( from professionals ) as possible


7. During your labour, it is going to feel like the end of the world. Like your body cannot handle it. Remember that your body is built for the process of bringing life into this world. It is tempting to be truant with the caregivers but try as hard to remember that their goal is to get you to the finishing line. Be prepared to face the bravest thing you will ever do.

I am wishing love and light to the beautiful souls reading this. Remember to breathe. Take large intentional breathes in and breathe out. You can do this. You are going to enjoy this journey. So when you look back you can say I did it. With great countenance. If you feel the need to talk to someone without any bias or judgement during this delicate journey you can always get an online session to talk freely and ease some pressure. We also have other content on our Youtube channel on the perinatal journey to help our expectant mothers.


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