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Are You Emotionally Abusive? When you are consistently lighting up people\’s lives you run the risk of allowing everyone to think that life is just happening to them. When reality is, we cannot all be victims and sometimes in certain roles we can serve the role of perpetrator. We can be toxic individuals.

Here is a list to quickly go through;

Do some introspection and be honest with yourself. Don\’t get triggered or offended though, this isn\’t the place for that. It only serves to let us know where we can do better and choose to be better

1. Do you gossip about people you do not like extensively in order to get others to take your point of view to dislike a said person?
When someone isn\’t your cup of tea for one reason or the other, What do you do? Do you seek to make sure that everybody else gangs up on them or do you agree that your opinion can just be a single opinion?
Trying to insert people into having a negative opinion of someone just because you do not like them, is emotional manipulation.

2. Do you dismiss someone\’s feelings as being dramatic, or too much?
When someone comes to you to tell you how they feel, for example, if they tell you how you hurt their feelings, what do you do? Do you disregard what they are feeling? Accuse them of being too sensitive, overreacting or being too emotional. That as well as emotional abuse.

3. Do you intentionally embarrass others as a tactic to feel some semblance of power?

4. Do you take your jokes too far or use jokes to cloak insults?

5. Do you enjoy pushing other people\’s buttons?
Doing things you know can trigger them to elicit reactions.

6. Do you dismiss someone else\’s version of reality?
Gaslighting or painting them as a liar

7. Do you use the silent treatment to get the desired result?

8. Do you withhold affection when you want to get a result you desire?

9. Do you use guilt, tantrums, threats and emotional outbursts to get people to do what you want them to do?
10. Do you find it hard to allow people to have a different opinion and search for ways to bring them to your opinion?

Changing emotionally abusive traits is very doable. The most important thing to remember is to treat people in a way you would be comfortable being treated ( developing a sense of empathy )
As well as fighting one control issues and healing the parts of yourself that find it hard to make peace without control of each and everything. Especially people around you. People aren\’t puppets they are intricate and individual they do not need to be controlled.
If you feel like you would like a guide you along the way to change your emotionally abusive traits. You can get help here.
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